Thursday, August 7, 2008


At church on Sunday, we talked about forgiveness in Relief Society. Relief Society is the largest organized group of women whose purpose is to give relief to each other through love and service. The meeting was so powerful and I felt the spirit so strong. To try to better explain the way I felt, I will describe it in more detail. I felt warmth flowing through my body. I felt the love of God and Jesus Christ for me. I felt a little emotion. I felt extreme gratitude for my blessings. It was a spiritual high.
One part that really touched me was a woman who stood up and said, "When I first saw the man who killed my husband, I was walking into the courtroom, and I heard the words 'He is a child of God' so I couldn't hate him after that". Wow.

I know that we are all children of a loving Father in Heaven.

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Husband's view

I feel so blessed to be married to my husband. He is such a pure and loving person. I feel very strongly that God helped us find each other. We met at BYU in Provo Utah through my roommate. We have been married 5 years now. Although we have opposite backgrounds, we seem to be the perfect blend. Here is his story of why he joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"When I was 19 years old at college I was not looking for a church, but
I did enjoy learning about one of my new college friend's beliefs
through the missionaries. I listened to their messages and asked
questions of curiosity, but felt satisfied with my background in the
Christian Science church. When one day I heard the news that an old
friend from home died, I suddenly had many questions about life and
death which I realized I never really knew the answer to. Would I be
able to see him again, talk to him, tell him I cared? I also started
wondering what life is all about. Why are we here on this earth? Did
I exist before this point in time? The missionaries shared many
truths with me that became some of my most treasured hours in my life.
They had concrete answers, and if they didn't have the answers they
got them. Best of all they told me I shouldn't just believe them, but
I should find some time alone and ask God about the teachings they
were sharing. Although I didn't know everything about The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I did know inside of me that it was
the right path to take. Within the next couple years I had some
unique experiences demonstrating the undeniable existence of God, His
great love for me, and that the teachings of the prophets of this
church are true. Thanks for listening to the missionaries - they can
help you find a peace with God that cannot be found anywhere else".